VAF 1.2.3 Released (10/20/2009)
VAF 1.2.3 provides enhancements to one time offer system, CMS system and media manager.

VAF 1.2.2 Released (09/08/2009)
Multi-role system is available. With this, you can assign several roles to a member. In addition, Image uploader component, thumbnail maker and CMS system have been enhanced.

VAF 1.2.1 Released (08/03/2009)
VAF 1.2.1 comes with some enhances of previous features. Beside that, there are some features added which are: timezone system per user, new paging system, and advanced record sharing system.

VAF 1.2.0 Released (10/29/2008)
VAF 1.2.0 comes with some enhances of previous features. Beside that, there are some features added which are: newsletter, image processor/thumbnail maker and IP to country functionality to enable default country selection based on visitor's IP.

VAF 1.1.9 Released (09/17/2008)
A complete membership system has been added by default to VAF 1.1.9. As another feature, we also add One Time Offer system to it. Therefore, every VAF Applications/Products will be completed with membership and one time offer system by default.

VAF 1.1.7. Released (07/31/2008)
VAF 1.1.7 is released today. In this version, we provide "Ping" and a new "Form Manager" to manage your form default layout and ping management. We also has improved the performance in data entry and the "SQL Analyzer" feature. We also lock all the action buttons until the form is completely loaded to prevent data loss and unexpected error.

VAF 1.1.6. Released (07/18/2008)
VAF 1.1.6 is released today. In this version, we make the config system as simple as possible. We also optimize the session usage and implement template system for the back-end. The good part of this version is that we provide "Permalinks" to meet the needs of Search Engine Friendly websites. Last but not least, we also enhance our Image and File upload element.

VAF 1.1.5. Released (07/08/2008)
VAF 1.1.5 is released today. VAF 1.1.5 uses FTP system to handle file management of the application. In this version, the ellipsis combo box element is also enhanced to support more complicated condition and data display.

VAF 1.1.4. Released (07/03/2008)
VAF 1.1.4 is released today. VAF 1.1.4 allows you to define defaults for report filtering. It also provides a completely more advanced detail system. You can also choose the regional that you want(this will change the date/time format only). Last but not least, VAF 1.1.4 provides new custom element which is Ellipsis Combo Box.

VAF 1.1.3. Released (06/17/2008)
VAF 1.1.3 is released today. VAF 1.1.3 provides new data delete system, simple CMS to allow you to create custom web page, Media Manager to handle your files and better performance.

VAF 1.1.2. Released (05/28/2008)
VAF 1.1.2 is released today. VAF 1.1.2 provides new HTML input element.

Update Available (05/05/2008)
Updates of VIBIOS Products (Real Estate, File Downloader and VLink) that implement VAF 1.1.1 are available, please contact us to get the updates.

New Features On VAF (05/01/2008)
New features have been added to a new version of VAF. The VAF 1.1.1 provides log in protection system, verified contact us system, new installation system, and you may add prefix to our application's database objects (such as: tables, views and routines) to save your database quota. We provide this because we know that most hosting providers only allow limited number of database.

Products Update Available (03/28/2008)
Updates of VIBIOS Products (Real Estate, e-Commerce, PCB, File Downloader and VLink) that implement VAF 1.1.0 are available, please contact us to get the updates. Enjoy the new flexibility and have your own desired website design.

Template and API System on VAF 1.1.0. (03/20/2008)
Now you can modify the look of VIBIOS® Products! VAF 1.1.0 provides template and API system. For the front-end pages, you can modify the page design totally. For the back-end pages, you just can modify the themes only (images and colors). VAF 1.1.0 also provides new features such as: multi filtering for data searching and report filtering, completely new exclusive design, new report viewer, much better performance, faster processing, and new configurations.

VIBIOS PCB Released (03/01/2008)
VIBIOS Personalized Children Book has just been released. It is a turn-key application to produce personalized children books and sell it online.

VIBIOS e-Commerce Released (02/05/2008)
VIBIOS e-Commerce is now available at VIBIOS.COM to support your online sales.

VIBIOS RealEstate Released (01/01/2008)
VIBIOS RealEstate, another web application which is powered by VAF has been released for you, real estates agents and brokers.

VIBIOS Link Cloaker Released (12/09/2007)
VIBIOS Link Cloaker is released today. With this, now, you shall have a secure way to get to your affiliate site without exposing your affiliate id and its url.

VIBIOS Comm Reader Released (11/21/2007)
VIBIOS Comm Reader is now available at VIBIOS.COM. With this, you can read data from a serial port. The obtained data can be stored in the database or be sent to another computer at once in a specified format.

VIBIOS File Downloader Released (11/11/2007)
Don't be afraid anymore to distribute your digital products. A web application to provide the safest way to distribute your digital products has been released. This application is VIBIOS File Downloader.

VAF Studio in Developing Web Application (11/10/2007)
VAF Studio has been available as an interface to develop web application using VAF. Because of that, the web development period has been shortened by more than 50% and the human error (bugs) has been amazingly reduced.

MLMQuadrant released (09/19/2007)
MLMQuadrant, the first web application which is powered by VAF has been launched. This application is developed in order to fulfill the needs of MLM members to boost their performance.

Instant Web Application Development (07/02/2007)
VAF Project has been initiated to fulfill the needs of under-Web version of under-Windows applications and to fulfill the requests of instant web applications development.

VIBIOS Asset Management Released (06/01/2007)
A Computerized Maintenance Management System has been released. This software is named as VIBIOS Asset Management and its main purpose is to manage the maintenance schedules and procedures of all of your assets (machines, electronics, buildings, rooms, and vehicles).