What is VIBIOS®?
VIBIOS® is our registered trademark for our software products.

What is VAF?
VAF is abbreviation of VIBIOS Application Framework. This powerful application framework enables us to develop software very quickly and help reducing bugs as much as 99%. All softwares developed by us include VAF and must be run by VAF. Click here for more information.

What is VAF Studio?
VAF Studio is used to help us in developing software which will be run by VAF. Click here for more information.

Is VAF fully implementing Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?
Yes, it is fully implementing OOP technology.

Is the result of VAF compatible with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox?
Yes, VAF is designed to suit both of the browsers. So, there will be no result differences in both browsers except the layout of HTML elements.

If I have an application powered by VAF, can I get the updates? Will it be charged? How?
You will be able to get the update free of charge for a year since the date of purchase. To request for updates, just contact us.

Can I modify the display of a page?
Well, you can modifiy the front-end pages. Template and theme system has been implemented since VAF 1.1.0. For the back-end pages, you can only modify the theme.

Are VAF and VAF Studio avaliable to purchase?
Sorry, we do not sell VAF and VAF Studio.

OK. I know your VAF and VAF Studio are very powerful. I want to make a customized web application framework. Where should I start?
First, you send us your requirements document. Please note, we will keep your requirements document confidential. After we analyze it, we will estimate how many hours need to develop your application. Then we will offer you the cost of project (hours x USD 25/hour) and warranty period for bug fixing.

When you develop my application, the time needed is more than your estimation. Should I pay for the extra time?
If the time is exceeded and it is our mistake in estimating, then it is free of charge. But if it is because of you (such as make changes in requirements, add additional features, etc) then you will be charged for the extra time. I think it is very fair, isn’t it?

How about your payment terms?
Payment will be paid in 3 times: 40% when we agree to start the project, 50% when we complete the development and ready to deliver or install it to your server, and 10% at the end of maintenance period. All payments must be paid with PayPal.

Can I see the prototype and progress status of the project?
Yes, please login to our website using your username and password given to you when the project started. We will update your prototype and progress status weekly.

Is source code of my project available to me?
It depends. We will encrypt your source code if it was built using VAF and VAF Studio. If you require to use CMS such as Drupal, then we will give you the source code.

Does your products include money back guarantee?
Yes, 14 days money back quarantee. No question will be asked regarding the claim, but we will request your feedback for improving our products and services in future. If you purchase with web hosting and domain, the price returned excluded the cost of web hosting and domain. The web hosting and domain is still yours. This guarantee excludes project or customized software development.