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VIBIOS E-Commerce

Today's Price: USD 99.95

Now you can have a complete, reliable and high quality e-Commerce without headaches anymore. You can now just focus in operating and marketing your business instead of doing IT works.

VIBIOS e-Commerce provides:

  • Shopping Cart : Provide a nice and user friendly interface for your customers
  • Countries : Add, edit, update and delete countries list
  • States/Province : Add, edit, update and delete states and province list
  • Product Category : Add, edit, update and delete category list
  • Manufacturer : Add, edit, update and delete manufacturer list
  • Product Option : Allow a customer to specify a model of a product when a customer purchase a product
  • Produt Management : Allow a user to add, edit, upate and delete products data
  • Special Pricing : Apply special pricing for certain products for a certain period
  • Multiple Payment Methods : Allow a customer to pay for purchased products with one of provided payment methods
  • Multiple Shipping Methods : Allow a customer to choose prefered shipping method of provided shipping methods
  • Taxes : Specifies your tax zones, rates and classes
  • Sales : View, edit and delete sales data. You canalso print the invoice and the packing slip
  • Product Highlights : Highlight your top rating product, best seller product and newest product
  • Brief Statistic : Customer can view his order summary and the admin can view sales summary
  • Payments : Pay for product(s) with PayPal. The payments will be validated with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification(IPN) system
  • Payment Management : Allow you to handle over-payment and less-payment. You may also handle invalid payment notification from PayPal
  • Quick Find : Help prospective buyer to find a product easily
  • Reference System : Allow a user to get commision by referencing a product to a new member or to give discount for referenced member
  • Affiliate System : Allow you to place a link (to your website) at an affiliate's website. You may give commision to your affiliate when a new member buy product(s) after that member get to your site via the link at your affiliate website. You may also give discount to this type of member.
  • Coupon System : Allow you to give e-Coupon to specified member.
  • Reports : You may view you sales summary and best seller product.

VIBIOS e-Commerce requires a web server with:

  • Apache 1.33 or later
  • PHP 5+ (GD enabled)
  • MySQL 5+

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Added to our catalog on 11/23/2009

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