VIBIOS® Application Framework (VAF) is a ourselves developed technology that enables us to develop web application much faster. VAF, a web application framework, was developed by using PHP as programming language, both MySQL and PostgreSQL as database system, and JavaScript as scripting language. VAF fully implements Object Oriented Programming (OOP) technology.

VAF Process Cycle

VAF also provides powerful data validation on client side and on the server side to ensure the security, integrity and consistency of data.

VAF Applications Development Process

VAF Studio defines VAF objects that will be processed by VAF to produces web interface in time. VAF Studio is used to define objects and relationships among the objects. This powerful studio has the following features:

  • Project designer
    Defines objects for the first time when a project is initiated
  • Object direct manipulator
    Changes objects properties and see the effect directly
  • Project management
    Creates new project or load an existing project
  • Class diagram
    Graphical User Interface to define relationships between objects
  • Database and SQL user defined function generator
    Automated database generation and required user defined functions generation when an object is defined