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VIBIOS Asset Management

Today's Price: USD 1,999.95

Increase your production performance to increase your profit margin! The most important thing to do is using your machines at the most optimized way. Therefore, you need to plan for their maintenance system by using this Asset Management software.

What is VIBIOS Asset Management?

VIBIOS® Asset Management is a general purpose Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) suitable for plants and facilities maintenance.

VIBIOS® Asset Management allows you to manage the maintenance activities of your plants and facilities with a computerized system.

CMMS consists of five key management solutions:

  • Asset management,
  • Work management,
  • Service management,
  • Material management, and
  • Procurement management.

Benefits of using VIBIOS Asset Management:

  • Increase profit margin
  • Increase return on assets
  • Increase asset uptime
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase accountability
  • Increase labor productivity
  • Improve asset-related decision-making
  • Improve asset service delivery
  • Apply best practices in maintenance management
  • Empower personnel with real time information
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduce total backlog of WO
  • Reduce part inventories
  • Reduce lead time from PR to PO

The functions of VIBIOS Asset Management:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Work Order
  • Service Request
  • Equipment history
  • Cost and labor tracking
  • Reporting
  • Asset management
  • Purchasing (including purchase request and purchase order)
  • Staff and resource management
  • Inventory control of parts and tools, include multiple warehouses and multiple locations within each warehouse, and including all activities associated with maintaining adequate stock and determining which stock needs to be reordered
  • Calibration management includes scheduling and recording

VIBIOS Asset Management is designed to be flexible and navigable. VIBIOS Asset Management is extremely consistent. It is user friendly once you know the very few key principal of operation.Your productivity will increase as you switch between windows rather than constantly opening and closing windows.

VIBIOS Asset Management's flexibility and simplicity is leveraged by consistently using and interconnecting two major types of windows:

  • Powerful search windows for finding records
  • Detail windows for viewing, editing and taking action on individual records

It is a very complete application in its class as it consists of more than 60 windows forms and more than 140 reports.

Work Order

  • Maintain equipments or locations
  • Customizable work order types and priorities
  • Created either manually or from maintenance schedule, service request, maintenance event, or measurement reading. Manually created work orders can be quickly populated by importing one of predefined procedures
  • Support single or multiple tasks with their own unlimited parts and labor assignments
  • Historical status changing, e.g. from scheduled to opened to closed
  • Cost accounts may be specified at work order, task, labor, and part levels
  • Track how the work order was created and who requested it
  • Support explore to view of work order tasks, parts and labor
  • Enable document attachment
  • Labor may be unassigned or assigned to trade/skill, craftsman or contractor
  • Track schedule and/or actual hours on multiple dates
  • Track cost of other equipment used in performing work
  • Review estimated cost

Work Order Calibration

  • Created manually or from a maintenance schedule
  • Record "as found" and "as left" conditions for "operable" and "in tolerance"
  • Record calibration instruments used and readings


  • Create and maintain a library/collection of job plans and tasks

Location Explorer

  • Display a tree-structured representation of your locations and part locations
  • Unlimited depth of parent/child relationships
  • Change locations or part locations structure/hierarchy using drag and drop


  • Rearrange work schedule (hours and labor) with drag drop action
  • Change work order status

Today’s Status

  • Display list of statistics of:
    • Work Orders (by category or status)
    • Purchase Orders (by category or status)
    • Purchase Requisitions (by category or status)
    • Service Requests (by category or status)
    • Equipment (by status)
    • Part (by status)
    • Staff (by status)

Maintenance Schedule (Preventive Maintenance)

  • Schedule by meter (e.g. running hours, miles) or calendar with seasonal block out
  • Work orders are generated from procedures based on latest status date of closed work order)
  • Identify and analyze the problem occurred when generating work order
  • Automatic calibration period interval based on last calibration data of an equipment


  • Make and model information is maintained in one place (equipment type) and therefore does not to be copied and synchronized for multiple equipment records
  • Unlimited bill of material for a single equipment type
  • Track manufacturer, vendor, cost and depreciation, warranty information
  • Warranty management
  • Enable document attachment
  • Specify unlimited number of craftsman and contractors for the equipment. This data is used when assigning work order labor
  • Mark equipment as a calibration instrument
  • Unlimited number of meters and measurement/reading points


  • Multiple units of measure with standard and custom conversion factors to main unit of measure
  • Associate part with an unlimited number of storage locations
  • Track manufacturer and an unlimited number of vendors
  • Unlimited number of price/quantity levels for a vendor
  • Unlimited part’s Bill Of Material (part explosion) and substitution
  • Association document attachments
  • Price history

Parts Inventory Control

  • Inventory location shown in hierarchy
  • Show quantities on hand, committed, available, minimum, maximum, on order, and requisitioned
  • Part inventory transactions include:
    • Count
    • Adjustment
    • Issue to work order
    • Direct Issue
    • Receipt
    • Return
    • Transfer
  • Inventory transactions are reversible except for transfer and issue to work order
  • Automatic part price adjustment (Weighty Average)

Purchase Order

  • User can generate Purchase Order without
  • Generating Purchase Request
  • Cost account can be specified at the PO level and PO item level
  • Two way matching of purchase order (from purchase request and part inventory transaction)
  • Automatic unit of measure conversions
  • Allow to use currencies more than the standard currency
  • Allow to print out PO to vendors
  • Unlimited stock items for a single purchase order
  • Historical status changing

Purchase Requisition

  • Unlimited stock items on a single Purchase Request
  • Allow to use currencies more than the standard currency
  • Two way matching of purchase requisition (from purchase order and part inventory
  • transaction)
  • Historical status changing

Service Request

  • Historical status changing
  • Mark duplicate service request
  • Allow to generate a work order from a non-duplicate service request

Predictive Maintenance

  • Generate work orders when measurements are outside tolerance or there is a maintenance event

Multiple Currency

  • Allow to use currencies more than the standard currency
  • Automatic currency conversion factor update based on last transaction of
  •   purchase order, purchase request, receipt, or return


  • Staff records represent individuals who belong to your company or organization
  • Staff can be assigned multiple roles, e.g. craftsman, parts buyer
  • Labor rates can be specified at trade/skill level
  • Staff can be a user or non user of VIBIOS Asset Management

External Resources

  • External resource records represent outside individuals or companies
  • External resources can be assigned in multiple roles
  • Unlimited address for an external resource


  • More than 140 built-in reports
  • Report result can be exported to external files (Microsoft Excel Format, Microsoft Word Format, PDF, and Rich Text Format)
  • Powerful and flexible report data filtering
  • Reports are driven from every related object form

System Administration and Security

  • Maintainable master data
  • View connected online users
  • Define access privileges by role

Recommended Requirements

  • Pentium IV 3.0 GHz (client and server)
  • RAM 512 MB (client)
  • RAM 1 GB (server)
  • Disk Space 40 MB (client)
  • Disk Space 200 MB (server)
  • Display resolution 1024x768
  • Windows XP Professional Edition(client)
  • Windows 2003 Server (server)
  • SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition (server)


  • USD 1,999.95 (for 5 users)
  • Additional user (you may ask for this addition via email to us)
    • Per user: USD 399.95
    • Package 1 (5 users): USD 1,599.95
    • Package 2 (10 users): USD 2,799.95
    • Package 3 (20 users): USD 4,799.95

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Added to our catalog on 11/23/2009

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