VIBIOS MLM Management
MLM Quadrant
Online MLM Software for managing your business opportunities, leads, downlines, and activities. You can access it from anywhere. It helps you to achieve mlm success faster

  VIBIOS Portal
Your City News Portal. In this site, VIBIOS Portal was heavily customized to include features such multi user, summary in homepage, etc.

Portal Sumut
North Sumatra news portal and business directory

  VIBIOS Social Networking
A new leading global social networking website that help people to make friends and find old friends, classmates, etc

  Customized Projects
Customized web application for an expedition company. Implemented for their own use only (on local area network only).

Customized web application for Indonesian virtual mall. This web application was build in 8 weeks only.

  Other Services
Duit Kita
Forum installation, theme selection, maintenance, and SEO

Laugh at Once
Installation, theme selection, automatic blog content posting, SEO, ads widget development, and maintenance

and many more...
Unfortunately, we can't give their websites and names because we have signed NDA with them. Many of these customers are actually web developers themselves and they outsourced their projects to us :)