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VIBIOS Social Networking

Today's Price: USD 499.95

Do you wish to own a Social Networking website for public use or only for your own community? We provide you a social networking website that will satisfy your needs.

VIBIOS Social Networking provides:

  • Popular Member : display several popular members that have the most friends
  • Newest Member : display several members that have just joine your social networking
  • Edit Profile : enable member to update his/her profile
  • Profile Page Customizing/Personalizing : lets your member to personalize his/her profile page
  • Private Messaging : enable member to send message to another member
  • Personal URL : enable a member to choose a URL of his/her profile page
  • Preferences : enable member to manage security/privacy settings and email notification settings
  • Profile Page : nice looking profile page that will show a member's data (profile, images/photos, comments, groups, and friends) based on several specified conditions.
  • Photos : enable a member to create albums of photos and then upload his/her photos in a specified album. Every album can be set as private or public album.
  • Bulletins : enable a member to post articles/news/bulletins that will be shared in his friend
  • Friends : show current friends, pending invites, pending friend requests, bookmarked members and blocked/blacklist members. A member can also send an invitation email to his/her friends by email
  • Groups : enable a member to create groups and manage everything about that group, such as: approve pending group member request, submit/delete announcements, personalized group URL and page layout and update group detail.
  • Comments : enable a member to give comments about another member.
  • Advanced Search : display list of members based on specified criteria.
  • Chat : enable a member to have a chat with other member
  • Webinar : a member can held a web-based seminar and the participants will get certificates
  • E-Commerce : a member can set up his/her own e-Commerce website
  • Shoutbox : each member's profile has his/her own shout box
  • Games : enable memebs to play web-based games
  • Video : add videos from Google Videos, Youtube, DailyMotion and a self-recording videos
  • Blog : member can have his/her own blog

VIBIOS Social Networking requires a web server with:

  • Apache 1.33 or later
  • PHP 5+ (GD enabled)
  • MySQL 5+

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Added to our catalog on 11/30/2009

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